About Plicafol

Plicafol is a novel separating foil for use in dental laboratory procedures.

The foil was specifically developed for this intelligent impression technique and has the particular characteristics needed for relief impressions.

Plicafol is an extremely elastic, flexible foil without tendency for elastic recovery after elongation. Thus, it is ideal for the foil technique and for manufacturing custom-made trays directly at the chair side.

As a result the dentist gains time and precision.

Physical/chemical properties:

  • Unstretched thickness: 0.2 mm
  • Melting temperature: 60 °C (140 °F)
  • Ignition temperature: 301 °C (574 °F)
  • Elongation: 200%
  • Elongation at rupture: 300%

Main components: Polyolefin and paraffin wax

Plicafol is non-toxic, plasticizer-free. No taste or smell

Plicafol - Bisico